Healdsburg Harvest Century Bike Tour

By | July 20, 2008

Yesterday I rode the 60-mile route of the 2008 Healdsburg Harvest Century bike tour. Some friends and I did it at a very leisurely pace, finishing in a little over 4 hours, which included 20-30 minutes hanging out at the rest stops shoving down piles of food. Or at least I was doing that. The hills were short and not steep at all, so it was a pretty easy ride. Traffic was bad only in a few spots.

I did see the aftermath of two accidents just after the rest stop at West Side school. The road there was in especially bad shape. One person crashed on the descent and got some minor cuts and bruises. While the EMTs were treating that person, someone else crashed in almost the same spot. She looked very stunned while sitting by the side of the road being treated. The EMT said her injuries were fairly minor, too. I hope they both were okay, since that is a sucky way to end a ride, which I know from experience.

The food at the rest stops was extensive and tasty (melon, oranges, grapes, bananas, pretzels, cookies, Odwalla energy bars, PB&Js on wheat, etc.). Lunch included delicious veggie pizza, pasta salad, black bean salad, sparkling juice drinks from Sonoma Sparkler, ice cream sundaes from Clover, and lots more. At first, I thought I must have put on weight due to all the food I ate, but I ended up breaking even.

4 thoughts on “Healdsburg Harvest Century Bike Tour

  1. Jennifer Burke


    I sponsored a Day-in-the-Life of Healdsburg multimedia event this weekend 19 July 2008.

    I’m collecting multimedia content for the submissions.

    Could I make a link to your entry?

    Please let me know,

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  3. Randy S.

    I rode the metric century and found that the rodes were pretty beat up. My brother in law Bud Brunkow crashed at the 54 mile mark and had to abandon the ride. He broke his nose, cracked a tooth, and got a stitch in his upper lip, and a bad contusion to his upper leg. He is still recouping from the crash. There were a total of four accidents that went to the hospital due to poor road conditions.

  4. Robert Post author

    Really sorry to hear about your brother-in-law’s crash. The surface of Westside Road, in particular, is in pretty bad shape in quite a few parts. The fact that the leaves on the trees create patchy shade across the road in some of the worse parts makes it really hard to see the holes and bumps.

    I did the 60-mile route again in 2009 and 2010. The road is a little better in some parts, but worse in others.


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