Monthly Archives: May 2008

That’s not the Incinolet Burning

By | May 24, 2008

There was flame and smoke at our cabin in the Tahoe National Forest early this morning, and it wasn’t from the Incinolet burning off the remains of a burrito. An electrical fire in the wall upstairs resulted in about 2/3 of the cabin suffering major damage. The new part of the cabin didn’t burn, but… Read More »

Shiner and Independence Brewing

By | May 18, 2008

I have fond memories of Shiner Bock from when I lived in Austin, and I always have a bottle or two when I go back to visit my brother. I agree with Stan at Appellation Beer that while Shiner doesn’t make the greatest of beers, they are better than a lot of people give them… Read More »

Peabody Hotel Orlando

By | May 15, 2008

While in Orlando visiting a prospective client this week, I stayed at the Peabody Hotel. This chain of three hotels is famous for having ducks march down a red carpet and hop into a fountain in the morning. In the late afternoon, they hop out and head back up the red carpet to a more… Read More »


By | May 11, 2008

I went to JavaOne last week and was once again amazed by the number of attendees. I heard someone say 15,000 people had registered. I believe it. Other programming languages like Python and Ruby might be gaining in popularity on Java, but Java is still pretty dominant. And just like last year, the queues for… Read More »