License Sticker Stolen

By | May 29, 2007

A thief recently scraped the registration sticker off the license plate on my car. The California DMV charges $17 for replacement stickers.

I just hope whomever stole it puts it on their plates and then gets pulled over by the police for some other infraction. Then they will get to explain how the DMV’s computer system shows their license registration is not update, but they somehow happen to have a current sticker. Hopefully, that will get them a trip to jail.

Update 6/14/2007: After another quick visit to the DMV office at the Oakland Coliseum, I picked up a replacement sticker for $17. I also took the opportunity to get a clear title for my wife’s car. Even though we paid off the loan about nine years ago, the financing company’s name was still listed as a lienholder on the title. Getting the title correctly reissued cost $15. Altogether, I was in the DMV building for only 15 minutes. Of course that was possible only because I had already downloaded and filled out the replacement sticker form.

2 thoughts on “License Sticker Stolen

  1. Dave

    I just got mine stolen a week ago. Found out after I got a ticket for not properly showing proof of registration. Nice $25 ticket for that. Not only am I the victim, but I have to pay a parking violation and pay to replace the sticker. $17. For a sticker.

    Did you report the sticker stolen to the police or just to the DMV?

  2. Robert

    I just went to the DMV. Luckily, I noticed it was missing while getting into my car on the way to work and got it replaced before getting a ticket.


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