Now You Work for Me

By | May 5, 2007

After reading an article about Charles Wang and the “culture of fear” he allegedly instituted at Computer Associates, I fondly remembered a day over ten years ago when I overheard an amusing story about him. At least it was amusing to me. I didn’t have to work for him. I was working for ViewStar in Alameda in the building next to the one where I now work for Voxify.

On the day that CA had apparently announced the acquisition, two employees of the ASK Group (the ASK Group had acquired Ingres in Alameda a few years before) were waiting with me at a bus stop by our respective buildings. Charles Wang didn’t show up on site, but he had sent a video presentation. One of the ASKers said to the other “I think he was okay, although I was a little bothered when he said, ‘The important thing to remember is that now you work for me.'”

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