RIAA Attacks Radio Recordings

By | March 16, 2006

The RIAA isn’t satisfied with just taking back existing consumers’ rights with respect to music recordings sold by record labels. They now want to greatly restrict the rights consumers have to record radio broadcasts via the proposed “Audio Broadcast Flag Licensing Act of 2006,” H.R. 4861.

The RIAA wants to eliminate automatic recording of radio broadcasts when used to record digital broadcasts. Technology providers would actually be forced to produce devices that require a person to push a button to start a recording. Also, devices would not be allowed to record in increments of less than 30 minutes. So, if you want to record someone being interviewed in a short segment on the radio, you’re forced to wait until 30 minutes is up, and then go back and hack out the other 28 minutes or so you didn’t want.

What technology giveth, greedy bastards want to take away. Don’t let them get away with yet another assault on our rights.

The EFF Action Center has more information on this issue and a very simple form you can use to send a personalized message to your US House Representative. I sent mine tonight.

One thought on “RIAA Attacks Radio Recordings

  1. michaelm

    That’s so crazy Robert! I’m baffled and amazed by the RIAA’s audacity and evilness. I sent my form-mail in just now, thanks for the link.


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