SpeechTEK West 2006

By | January 28, 2006

I’ll be at SpeechTEK West in San Francisco next week. If anyone reading this will be there, email me or post a comment if you want to meet up. I’ll be in Voxify’s booth on Wednesday. Stop by if you want to hear first hand about the great platform and speech application templates we’ve built, as well as all the cool speech apps we’ve set up for clients. If you’re interested in joining us, bring your resumé, because we’re definitely hiring.

3 thoughts on “SpeechTEK West 2006

  1. Ed Prentice

    Great for you– this shows up on the first Google page searching for SpeechTEK. Not sure when I will be there, but if I am there on Wed. I will look for you. I will be interested in resumes that don’t work for you!

  2. Robert Post author

    Why my posts to this blog rank so high in searches on Google remains a mystery to me. I just checked on this one, and while I do currently appear on the first page for “speechtek west”, I don’t show up until the third page for “speechtek”.

    I heard you stopped by the booth today looking for me. I was in technical sessions most of the day. Hope you’ll stop by again on Wednesday while I’m there.

  3. JohnB

    Hey Robert, I don’t do speech stuff but it sounds like an interesting show… if I can snag a free exhibition pass.
    In any case, love to read the blog – glad you’re doing well. JB


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