Biloxi on the Mend

By | November 14, 2005

Mary Mahoney’s is one of the most famous restaurants in Biloxi. The Mary Mahoney’s restaurant, bars, and cafe suffered a lot of damage, but the upstairs restaurant is already open. They plan to expand the cafe downstairs, but it needs a lot more work.

Having Mary Mahoney’s reopen is a good sign for the return of Biloxi. I’m going to be in Biloxi December 2-7, and I plan to stop by. While I’m there, I plan to eat out as much as I can at locally owned restaurants (not exactly a difficult task, given how good the food can be on the Mississippi Coast) and do some Xmas shopping in locally owned stores.

2 thoughts on “Biloxi on the Mend

  1. Venus

    Way to go Robert!! That’s the southern Mississippi spirit!! God Bless You!

  2. kelly

    thanks for the info…i live in new york…grew up in louisiana…family had business in Ms, so spent lots of time there…plus lived in biloxi after high school and had many late nite meals at mary mahoneys…will be coming to see if I can find info on my cousin at the end of the month, and am glad to know mary mahoney’s will be there..


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