The Triplets of Belleville

By | February 22, 2005

I finally got around to watching The Triplets of Belleville. Before the film started, all I knew was that it had been nominated for Oscars for best animated feature and original song, was French-made, and was kind of quirky. I had absolutely no idea what the plot was. If I had only known just how quirky the movie was, and that the Tour de France was involved, I would have seen it long ago.

I absolutely loved the film. How could I not like a movie with a caricature of Jacques Anquetil and a cameo appearance by Einstein’s Field Equations? This film blew me away in a similar fashion as did The City of Lost Children.

Although ostensibly a French film, there is so little dialogue that subtitles were not necessary. As the movie was starting, I was finishing off a veggie burrito. This resulted in two mistakes. First, the veggie burrito wasn’t nearly as good as the carnitas burrito that I normally get at Taqueria Los Comales. Second, between the facinating visuals and the lack of dialogue, I found it hard to take my eyes off the film for even a couple of seconds to finish my dinner. I know this is a small point, but I recommend you not try to eat or attempt any other form of misguided multitasking while watching this film.

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