Chicken and Waffles

By | February 4, 2005

I suspect that many of you are oblivious to the Southern delicacy of fried chicken and waffles. The chicken isn’t actually served inside of the waffle, or even on top of it. And the waffles aren’t deep fried, either. Just the chicken, which rides side saddle on the plate with the waffle. And getting a little maple syrup on the outside of the fried chicken ain’t so bad, either.

This seemingly unusual pairing of chicken with waffles actually works extremely well, especially if you find yourself in the mood for breakfast food in the late evening. It’s even better with grits on the side.

Fortunately for Oaklanders, the Incredible Isaac (waffle, grits, and a drumstick or thigh) is just one of the many delicious options at the House of Chicken ‘n Waffles. HCNW is a very cool place in Jack London Square just across the train tracks from the Barnes & Noble bookstore. It’s located next to the Jack London Inn, right where the Jack London Diner used to be. Fortunately, the owners of the HCNW totally overhauled the interior. The new place is a very colorful, funky diner.

And if that wasn’t enough gravy on the biscuits to begin with, HCNW is open Sunday through Thursday from 8 am – midnight and Friday and Saturday from 8 am – 4 am. You gotta like the idea of having a very late dinner of chicken and waffles at 3:30 am on a Saturday night, and then again for breakfast just over four hours later.

I wish I had taken photos of the food and the restaurant, but fortunately someone else posted photos with a review on his blog, MeatHenge.

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