BookPool Discounts O’Reilly

By | November 19, 2004

If you’re a fan of O’Reilly (the book publisher, not the obnoxious lout on Fox who is discounted by nearly everyone), you should check out the big sale on O’Reilly books at BookPool. They have over 500 O’Reilly published computer books on sale for 43% off. Though I already have more books than I could read, even if I did nothing but that for the next year straight, I couldn’t resist picking up five more books.

One of them wasn’t an O’Reilly book, but it was still well discounted. It was The Java Developer’s Guide to Eclipse by Jim D’anjou, et al. This was a timely purchase, as I just gone to an excellent presentation on Eclipse by Jim at a Java SIG meeting in Oakland last night. Jim works at IBM and is heavily involved in the Eclipse project.

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