The Pleasures of Peat

By | September 26, 2004

How do I love, thee, peat? Let me count the ways.

  1. You amend the soils of my plants by helping the soil hold water, while still allowing sufficient oxygen transfer.
  2. You halt the germination of malted barley at the perfect moment, and give whisky a lovingly smoky flavor
  3. And finally, you help make for a good toilet?

My brother sends word of an article in the October 2004 issue of Cruising World on composting toilets that use peat moss. To keep the odor down, you really need to have an electric fan for the vent pipe. However, it’s quite possible you could get by with a solar-powered fan, since you wouldn’t need to run it all the time. A manual crank is used to mix waste with the peat moss.

The article briefly mentions Incinolet, stating that:

“The Incinolet ( is an electric incinerating toilet, very popular with commercial fisherman and other commercial users who have ample electric power.”

2 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Peat

  1. miscellaneous assorted chopped compressed person

    Dear Sir Wombat; Please be careful
    with your insightful, witty social commentary- I’ve already purchased an Incinolet because you so lovingly and passionately persuaded me to- Surely you know
    there are people out
    here dependent on your boundless energy and wisdom to guide us through the unchartered territory of of world wide web. Thanx for all you do. , me

  2. Robert

    Perhaps I should enquire at the Incinolet headquarters as to the possibility of an Incinolet Associates program to reward people like me for generating massive sales of “the toilet that goes where you go”. While a peat moss based solution is mighty tempting, I remain a loyal, die-hard, Incinolet man.


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