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By | August 3, 2004

Tim Bray recently wrote a fine review of Cabinet magazine, A Quarterly Magazine of Art and Culture. I first learned of Cabinet about a year ago when a link from the Cabinet site kept showing up in my website referer log.

A couple paragraphs down on that page, you will find the following text:

Cabinet does not run reviews or news items about forthcoming events. There are excellent venues that do so (These excellent venues are often glossy and offer enormous writers’ fees. Follow this link to visit the best of them).

The PHP page linked to by the text “this link” redirects you to a rather special page on my website. This special page contains quite possibly the finest piece of prose that I have ever managed to emit. I’m not sure how they found it or whether they think my epic essay is funny or pathetic, but I was greatly amused when I read the surrounding text on their website. Follow this link to get to that link.

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