Putting the Pain Back in Paintball

By | July 28, 2004

The company I work for had an offsite meeting today, followed by an afternoon of fun at Sunol Paintball, and I use the word fun loosely. Actually, it was fun at times. But, now, I have bruises on my right arm and left leg from paintball impacts, a swollen knuckle on my right pinkie finger (a paintball slamming into thinly covered bone hurts), many sore muscles, and a very scraped up knee. Okay, the scraped up knee is mostly my own fault for diving onto a rocky hillside to hide behind a pile of tires. At least I did avoid getting shot.

The worst, though, was when a paintball splattered off the mouth protector below my mask and sent some paint spraying onto my lips. Not only was I spitting out paint, but I was also spitting out blood from where a shard from the paintball apparently cut my lip.

On top of all that fun, I also re-aggravated my bicipital tedinitis. The paintball guns (which, by the way, shoot paintballs at over 200 miles per hour) are fairly heavy, especially when you’re recovering from a shoulder injury. It took a couple hours of ice packs on my shoulder for the pain to go away. That may have colored my experience just a bit.

One thought on “Putting the Pain Back in Paintball

  1. Richard Berger

    1. My Yahoo (yes, I might be ashamed to admit it, but it has been my portal for lo these many years) now allows RSS portlets – hooray! In setting up your RSS feed on My Yahoo, I stumbled into this paintball article (yes, it hurts – especially on a full canister at near range).
    2. Then, searching the Dave Ross site (daveross.com), I found this link.
    3. This past weekend, we were in North Bend (near Seattle), visiting my brother-in-law. There was a little home town parade celebrating “Alpine Days”. And to my great shock, Dave Ross is marching in the parade – I never thought I would ever meet him (he is sort of a hero). I give him a thumbs up and he comes out of the parade to meet me (North Bend is pretty much all republicans). I was checking out his site to make sure that the Dave Ross from the parade was indeed “The Dave Ross” (you can hear him on Chiptalk on KCBS) – and stumbled into the paintball article.



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