Chow Mein Chow

By | July 23, 2004

The largest of my two cats, Alexi, has always been a big fan of human food. His absolute favorite food is boiled corn, but he is more than happy to dine on bread, roasted chicken, ham, or rice. While he will eat most any type of bread, he is especially partial to sourdough baguettes from Grace Baking. He likes bread so much, he will chew through a paper or plastic wrapper to get at it. He once chewed through two plastic bags to get at some pita bread.

Alexi and an ear of corn

Here’s Alexi as a kitten (he’s now a nearly 19 pound mini-puma, more big than fat) when we first discovered that he had a corn tooth. Just after I took the photo, he finished dragging the ear of corn to the floor, where he proceeded to stand on it with one paw to keep it from running away, while he used his teeth to rip the remaining kernels from the ear so he could eat them.

Last night was a new adventure, though. I had picked up some pork chow mein from a local Vietnamese restaurant. Alexi often wanders over to my plate to check out what I’m eating, just in case I have one of the aforementioned taste treats. If he spots one of his favorites, then he darts his head at the plate and tries to pick off a snack.

My guard was down. I mean, what kind of cat likes pork chow mein, especially after eating a big meal of cat food.

In a fraction of a second, he bolted forward, grabbed the end of a crispy noodle with his mouth, and dragged it off to the floor to eat like he had just pounced on some prey in the forest. A couple seconds later, he was back to hovering around my plate, looking for one of the weaker noodles that had strayed from the pack and would make for another easy capture and slaughter.

2 thoughts on “Chow Mein Chow

  1. Jan

    just surfing to see if it was ‘normal’ for my cat Muppet to be so passionate about his daily bread ration and found your site and was reassured – although as my cat is strangely similiar looking to yours maybe it is a black and white cat thing ???

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