Fire Arts Festival

By | July 8, 2004

There are still two nights left for you to attend the Fire Arts Festival at the Crucible on 7th Street in Oakland.

DESCRIPTION: An incendiary and landmark exhibition of fire and light artistry at The Crucible’s industrial arts facility and a 100,000 sq ft outdoor Fire Arts Arena in West Oakland! A wealth of workshops, classes, lectures, exhibits and stimulating demonstrations culminating in one night of artist lectures and three nights of ground-breaking art and mind-blowing performances – different performances each night!

I’m planning to be there Friday night. If I can shoot some decent photos and video, I’ll post them here later. It costs $20 to get in Friday night, but you get a $5 discount if you are in costume.

The schedule for Friday night is:

MC: $teven Ra$pa
7:30pm          Gate Opens!
7:30-8:30       DJ Vordo
8:30-8:55       One People Voice Company Balinese Gamelon Orchestra
9:00-9:10       Kabari, fire performance troupe
9:10-9:15       Luna, blacklight bellydance with flaming sword and wine glasses
9:15-9:25       Capacitor, dance fusion
9:30-9:45       Infinite Kaos - "Sacrifice"
9:45-9:50       Kook Troupe - excerpt from "Elementica"
9:50-10:50      DJ Vordo
 -      Monkeyboy, poi
 -      Fire Arts Collective, fire jump rope
 -      Karisini of Pyrostura, double staff
 -      Pyrocycles, oil rig fire bicycles
 -      David Sloves, double staff
10:50-11:10     One People Voice Company Balinese Gamelon Orchestra
11:10-11:25     Copper Lantern Fire Theater
11:25-11:35     Pyrotruck - with members of Xeno
11:35-11:40     Grand Finale with soprano Marisa Lenhardt, The Fire Conclave and all fire performers and fire sculpture!
11:40-12:00     Fire sculpture continues quietly

4 thoughts on “Fire Arts Festival

  1. Leif

    This event was totally excellent! Now we need to get some stuff like this happening in Vancouver.

    Did you get some good images and video?

  2. Robert

    Unfortunately, all I had was my Treo, so the photos aren’t very good. I posted them in my review of the festival.

    The best photos I found were on If you aren’t already a member, sign up and search for the Fire tribe. Then, go back through the discussion topics a couple pages until you find a post on July 11. Scroll to the bottom to find the links.

  3. Robert

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the Luxotica website is awesome. You’ve got some great photos.

    Two of my friends are moving to the Okanagan valley. I’ll have to coordinate a visit to see them with a fire spinning event in Vancouver.

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