Daily Archives: 8/28/2004

Scary Snacks

What’s not to like from the list of the World’s 9 Worst Convenience Foods. Clam jerky, anyone?

This list seems to have drifted around the Internet for quite some time. Too bad none of the sites added links to where one might order these tasty botañas. Here’s a couple I found:

The contribution on the site linked to above appears to be adding Post Oreo O’s to the original list of eight. Now, I like a cereal that makes it own gravy, e.g., Count Chocula and Cocoa Krispies, as much as the next Extreme Breakfast Athlete, but Oreo O’s don’t seem to be a huge upgrade over just crumbling up some full-sized Oreos into a bowl of milk. I’ll have to take one in the stomach for science, though, before I’d be willing to put it into any top 8, 9, or 10 list.

In addition to the list of convenience foods, Bert’s has collected some interesting recipes and art on his site. Good stuff.

[via GMSV newsletter]

Treo 650 Rumors

Rumors about the feature set of the Treo 650 are getting more detailed and believable. Of the features described, I find the following very enticing, albeit not enticing enough to upgrade from the Treo 600. If I didn’t already have the 600, though, I would be trying to put in an order right now.

  • 16 bit 320×320 TFT screen
  • Palm OS Garnet (version 5.4)
  • 1.3 MP Camera with digital zoom.
  • Built in video capture capability.
  • New browser that can display frames and upload files. It also has an integrated download manager.
  • Moving to the “standard” palmOne application inventory with a more robust Contacts application and Today screen.

The upgrade to Palm OS 5.4 brings better security and multimedia support, plus the infrastructure for some of these other features.

While Bluetooth support sounds great, I don’t have any other Bluetooth capable devices. It’s one of those features those that’s hard to value before you fully adopt it.

[via PDABuzz]