Daily Archives: 6/23/2002

SoccerPhone Briefly Broken Due to TellMe Change

Fortunately, I tried out “SoccerPhone” before Saturday’s games, as TellMe made a change in the last day or two that broke SoccerPhone. The TellMe VXML interpreter appears to have been changed to more strictly enforce the schema on retrieved XML files used with the VoiceXML <data> element. I posted the details on the tellme.sharing.vxml newsgroup hosted by TellMe. I’ll spare the rest of you (as if anyone is reading this) the details.

Since I had to update my Python CGI script that converts the MLS scores from HTML to XML, I also posted a fix to strip off the + sign from scores in stoppage time. When the VXML interpreter saw 92+, it would say “minute 92 plus sign”. This fix had already been in the works, along with some general refactoring of the code to clean it up.