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EFF digital MIX in Oakland

By | July 17, 2003

Friday, July 25th, the EFF will be hosting Digital Mix in Oakland as a benefit for the EFF and Creative Commons at the Oakland Box Theater (formerly the Black Box) at 1928 Telegraph Ave between 19th and 20th. This very cool event will celebrate music, digital film, cyber-rights, and illegal art, with speeches by Fred… Read More »

Copyright Disclaimer Sufficient?

By | April 16, 2003

Freedom to Tinker: Will the RIAA Sue Google? Ed Felten comments on Jacques Distler’s post about the similarity of a search engine such as Google to the tools developed by the four college students who are being pursued by the RIAA’s Uruk Hai legal team. Another interesting comparison might be to image searching via Google.… Read More »

Viability of Internet Radio

By | April 6, 2003

Saturday morning I attended the Viability of Internet Radio session that was part of a University of California Radio Network conference organized this quarter by KALX, the radio station at Cal that my wife runs. The four panelists were: Brian Zisk – founder and Technologies Director for the Future of Music Coalition Rusty Hodge –… Read More »

Take That, RIAA

By | February 4, 2003 Technology | Embrace file-sharing, or die This is a fantastic article at by John and Ben Snyder. John is president of Artist House Records, on the board of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, and a 32-time Grammy nominee. Although long stretches of the article consist of quotes from other people,… Read More »

Berkeley Intellectual Property Blog

By | November 17, 2002

bIPlog bIPlog was created as part of a class at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. I had seen most of the references blogged earlier elsewhere, but it’s nice to have them collected in one place. They also have a high quality list of resources to information on the web on intellectual property issues. The… Read More »

Illegal Art Exhibit

By | November 1, 2002 :: a project of Stay Free! I wish I were going to be in Chicago or New York sometime in the next couple months. This should be a great exhibit. To no surprise, Negativland is very well represented with audio, video, and visual (U2 album cover) contributions. Quote from the website: “The Illegal Art… Read More »

Jack Valenti’s 1982 Testimony on the VCR’s Assault on Life As We Know It

By | September 29, 2002 has a transcript of federal hearings on “Home Recording of Copyrighted Work”. These hearings took place in 1982 as a result of a decision in the case of Universal City Studios vs. Sony Corporation of America. Universal had sued Sony over whether private individual users of VCRs were infringing copyrights by recording copyrighted television… Read More »

Should a Webcaster Pay If No One is Listening

By | July 11, 2002

The recent ruling of the Librarian of Congress still contains the requirement that webcasters must pay performance royalties for each unique stream. Since it’s impossible for a webcaster to tell whether a real person is on the other end listening to the stream, the webcaster must pay the performance fee regardless for every stream, even… Read More »