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TiVo Update

By | July 20, 2004

WeaKnees says that our factory drive failed their diagnostics. Although I was hoping it was the new drive, which would have been under warranty, I was already fearing it was the factory drive. If it was just the second drive, I would have expected that programs recorded on the original drive would have been fine.… Read More »

TiVo Withdrawal

By | July 16, 2004

It seems that at least one of the hard drives in our TiVo is slowly dying. Fortunately, we still have our old DirecTV receiver laying around, so we can still watch Tour de France coverage on OLN. But, being temporarily without TiVo makes me now realize how much I loved it. The pause button is… Read More »

TiVo Problems

By | July 14, 2004

During the Euro 2004 tournament, our DirecTiVo started having a lot of video and audio stutter problems. By last week, the shows we were recording had become almost impossible to watch. Sometimes the video would freeze for minutes at a time. The on-screen guide was also slowing to a crawl. Bringing up the screen to… Read More »


By | May 9, 2004

My wife recently ordered a 160GB add-on drive kit from weaKnees for our Hughes HDVR2 DirecTiVo and we installed it last Thursday night. It was a quick and easy install, though the only way we could tell the drive had been properly recognized was to wait until we had recorded enough additional programs to go… Read More »

Hogan’s Heroes on German TV

By | October 8, 2003

Whenever I travel, I always like to watch a bit of what the local TV channels are running since I believe that local television broadcasts can tell you a lot about the local culture. Okay, maybe not, but I like to give it a try anyway. When I was in Munich last week, I caught… Read More »

Blog Like Calvin

By | August 29, 2003

It’s amazing how much Calvin and I have in common, although he has a better haircut. UPDATE: I used to have a link here to a very amusing Calvin and Hobbes strip about Calvin starting a journal, albeit a paper one. Unfortunately, leaves just two weeks of a comic strip available online for free… Read More »

Animatronic Jellyfish

By | August 25, 2003

Well, I was going to try to create a cool popup window that would play streaming video embedded in the window, but I got bored and gave up on it. Maybe it wasn’t so cool of an idea after all. So, click the photo and watch the fish and listen to the new age aquarium… Read More »

Aquarium Photos

By | August 18, 2003

On the way back from a recent trip to my homeland, I spent some time in New Orleans with my wife and my parents. We didn’t have a lot of time there, but we did squeeze in a visit to the Aquarium of Americas and we watched The Matrix Reloaded on the big screen and… Read More »

Treasure Titan Planet

By | December 8, 2002

Warning! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen Treasure Planet from Walt Cyborg Disney Pictures, but plan to do so. You’ve been warned. If you liked Titan A.E., I think you will like Treasure Planet. There’s a time and a place for mindless animated films. It may not be a lot of time and it… Read More »