Monthly Archives: August 2007

Hatch Green Chiles in the Bay Area

For several years late each August I’ve wanted to order a big pile of New Mexico green chiles from one of the growers near Hatch, New Mexico, and then make all my favorite green chile-based recipes, especially green chile stew and enchilada casserole. I finally slayed the sloth dragon this year, but with a lot… Read More »

Not Tone Deaf

Maybe a little color blind, but not tone deaf. Or so says a medical research-based Flash application. In fact, I scored 83.3% correct in my guesses careful assessments of the differences or non-differences in tone between two consecutive musical phrases. From the results page: The test is purposefully made very hard, so excellent musicians rarely… Read More »

The Quakes Keep Coming

I happened to be standing in the bedroom doorway when this last quake just hit. Not that I needed to be there, though, as this was one of the weakest of the five or so noticeable tremors we’ve had in the last year. This one was centered in the same location as the last. The… Read More »

Rock Smuggling

About eleven days ago I had a minor crash on my new bike (the acquisition of said bike remains to be blogged). Fortunately, my bike came out of it with just a few small scratches. That’s because my body cushioned its landing. I got the standard hip contusion with the attractive purple and yellow bruise… Read More »

It’s All about the Shrimp Po-Boys

Ah, another trip to Biloxi, another series of encounters with the best sandwich in the world, the shrimp po-boy. The first stop on my culinary adventure was the Old Biloxi Schooner, a.k.a., Schooner’s. Once again, they didn’t disappoint. The shrimp was masterfully fried, with a delicious peppered batter. Of course, I had my po-boy dressed,… Read More »

Installing the Sun JDK on Fedora 7

I’ve been meaning to try out the JPackage repository for a long time to manage the Java installations on my Fedora Linux installs at home. However, the documentation on the JPackage site is incomprehensible. I don’t see how anyone could possibly use it to install the Sun JDK for use with the JPackage repository with… Read More »