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Power Back on in North Biloxi

My mother just spoke with her neighbor across the street on Popps Ferry Rd. in north Biloxi. The electricity came back on at their house today. That can obviously make a huge difference, as many people can now boil water to sanitize it and they can much more quickly spread the news that they are… Read More »

Donate to the Red Cross

Please help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by donating to the Red Cross. My mother was a nurse in Biloxi for many years and has volunteered for the Red Cross and served on the board for a division of the Red Cross in South Mississippi. A very large percentage of the money you donate to… Read More »

Katrina Video and Images from WLOX

The WLOX website continues to be an excellent resource for video and still images of the Mississippi Coast. WLOX suffered a great amount of damage from the hurricane. Their antenna was knocked off the roof and huge holes were ripped through the roof and ceiling. They’ve gotten fuel for the generators, though, and are back… Read More »

Interview on KCBS

If you happen to be listening to KCBS in San Francisco at around 3:30 pm today, you may hear me being interviewed about my family and friends in Biloxi, Mississippi, and how they are surviving the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Water Back on in Parts of Biloxi

My mother spoke with a neighbor in north Biloxi who said that water service was restored this afternoon to their neighborhood (just north of the Sunkist subdivision). Update Sept. 3, 10:30 pm: Hopefully, no one is drinking that water, though. I just read a story at about some people in Biloxi potentially getting dysentery… Read More »

Land Parcel Viewer for Biloxi

I found a link on the City of Biloxi website that led to a portal for viewing land parcels in Biloxi. You can search by building address or by owner. The Coast Civil Defense and Emergency Management officers released updated hurricane evacuation zone maps in 2001. That page on the WLOX site has links to… Read More »

Update on Mom’s House

My mother and the friends she evacuated to Mobile with drove back to Biloxi this morning. Although the front of the house was fine, the back patio door blew in, despite having a dead bolt lock. There was water damage to the carpet and an oak table, as well as a bunch of dirt and… Read More »

Katrina Google Map

Someone has put together a Google Map that lets you add markers for locations where you know information about buildings or people. There are already a lot of markers on the map. Update 10/14/05: I just ran across a page at Google Maps Mania that lists a lot more sites that have integrated Google Maps… Read More »

My Mom’s House Appears Okay

The husband of one of my Mom’s friends drove by my Mom’s house today and reported back that the only obvious exterior damage was a few missing shingles. Fortunately, she’d had a bunch of work done on the exterior of the house recently. While that might seem like having it rain after you washed your… Read More »

Post-Katrina Aerial Photos

NOAA has posted detailed aerial photos from this week. I was told by a friend that they were satellite images, but I’ve since read that they were aerial photos. I thought they were a little too detailed to have been taken by a satellite. They have an image map of the area where you can… Read More »