Daily Archives: 9/2/2005

Post-Katrina Aerial Photos

NOAA has posted detailed aerial photos from this week. I was told by a friend that they were satellite images, but I’ve since read that they were aerial photos. I thought they were a little too detailed to have been taken by a satellite. They have an image map of the area where you can click on boxes to more easily find what you are looking for. You can also download big compressed files with images from larger areas. nce you figure out what area you are looking for, it makes sense to download the images. The images are quite large, so it may be difficult to zoom in on them in a web browser. The Ocean Springs page also includes Biloxi.

Here are some of the images with objects I identified (or at least think I identified) from Biloxi.

The second path went over the parts of Biloxi that border the south side of the Back Bay. Unfortunately, there aren’t any images of the north side, so I can’t see the neighborhood where my mother’s house is.

Katrina Missing Person and Survivor Registries

If you’re looking for someone who may have been in the path of Katrina or want to post info on someone who you know made it through okay, please check out the following registries.

Update 9/25: Here are a couple more sites to check out.