Daily Archives: 10/19/2004

Fighting Spam Comments with MT

Even though I migrated from Movable Type to WordPress quite a while ago, I still planned to post some tips on fighting spam comments on a Movable Type blog. Well, no need for me to write that article, because Elise has already done a far better job than I would have done. If you use Movable Type, you need to read that post and take action on it as soon as possible.

Even if you don’t use MT, there are some good tips to learn from. Yet another item on my ToDo list was to try to limit the amount of spam referrals I’ve been getting in my referer [sic] logs. Nobody sees the spam referrals but me, but they crowd out meaningful info from my website reports. Elise provides an example for blocking spam referrals via a simple modification to the .htaccess file at the root of your website. It’s a manual shotgun approach, but at least I can use it to eliminate the most flagrant repeat offenders.