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John Eisenhower to Vote for… Kerry

John Eisenhower | Why I Will Vote for John Kerry for President

John Eisenhower is the son of the late Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower. John served on the White House staff and had been a lifelong Republican until the last few years. In addition to his disapproval of the way the current leadership initiated and then thoroughly mismanaged the invasion and occupation of Iraq, he is sorely disappointed with the lack of fiscal responsibility displayed by the Republican party.

I seem to remember that one of the classic debate chestnuts for Republican candidates had been to attack a Democrat opponent as wanting to spend taxpayer money like a druken sailor. It seems the GOP has flip-flopped on this issue, as enormous deficits no longer seem to be a concern. All that matters now is cutting taxes.

That attitude reminds me entirely too much of the dotcom companies of the late nineties that are no longer with us. The cost of gaining market share was rarely seen as issue for concern. All that mattered was not limiting the potential top line (obviously, many of these companies had the added problem of being poor judges of potential). Well, those companies painfully learned that when your bottom line stays far above your top line for too long, eventually you find yourself going 200 mph in a plane with no wings at the end of a runway.