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Bavarian Beer Foamer

Bavarian Beer Foamer

Oktoberfest Shop : Bavarian Beer Foamer

This is an interesting repurposing of a common European kitchen tool. I use a nearly identical tool (except for the cool Beyerischer flag decal or sticker) to make a pseudo café latte every morning. My morning ritual is to heat about 1/3 of a coffee mug of milk in the microwave, foam it using an Aerolatte frother, and then add a double espresso using my Capresso 2000.

These frothers are typically about six inches long, battery powered, and have a ring at the bottom that is surrounded by a coil. The long metal wire connecting the ring and coil to the base rotates at a very fast speed. This apparatus works amazingly well to froth most liquids that have the chemical make-up to support foamy bubbles.

The Aerolatte works quite well for frothing milk. I’m not so sure about using it to put a new head of foam on a beer. That just strikes me as wrong. Especially if used with a 1 liter maß krug.