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8/22/2004: 7:12 pm: Arts and Education, Reviews, The Unusual and the Weird

The recently released Survival Research Labs “Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem” DVD was reviewed in Bright Lights Film Journal. You can pick up a copy for $20 + $7 shipping at Music Video Distributors.

I previously posted pictures and video from an SRL show in Berkeley last year.

And congrats to Mark and Amy on their new baby! Hopefully, they will make rocket fuel experimentation off-limits to Jake until he is at least in grade school.

: 4:15 pm: Speech, VoiceXML

A great VoiceXML tutorial just showed up in the Voice section of the website. It’s just part one of a three-part series, but IBM’s Jeff Kusnitz and Bruce Lucas covered a lot of ground in a fairly short article. I wish I had run across an introduction to VoiceXML like this one when I got started a couple years ago.

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