Daily Archives: 8/17/2004

ARL:UT Open Source

I was quite surprised this afternoon to see a story on Slashdot announcing that a group at ARL:UT (Applied Research Labs : University of Texas) had open sourced GPSTk, “a cross platform library and set of applications that provides both fundamental and advanced GPS processing algorithms”. I worked at ARL:UT for five years while I was living in Austin, but I didn’t happen to work with this group of researchers and engineers.

This group was, and presumably still is, in the south building. At the time I was there, they were doing a lot of satellite work, which entailed lots of GPS research and development.

I worked in the north building, which was mostly occupied by scientists and engineers doing acoustics research & development. I was in the Advanced Sonar Division, doing underwater acoustics research and designing software for sonars for submarines. Ah, the memories of writing code in Occam to run on transputers.

It’s very cool to see ARL:UT getting some attention. I really loved it there and I still have a lot of friends working there.

Living Museum Art Center

The Living Museum Art Center at Harbor View House is an arts program that is run by HealthView. Harbor View House is a non-profit residential mental health care facility in Southern California. The website has four pages of work (though unfortunately the first sent doesn’t appear in FireFox due to some IE proprietary HTML) done by people at the facility. Some of the pieces are very cool. Others are … well, hey, I’m not particularly impressed by everything I see at SFMOMA, either. But if you are into raw, emotional paintings, I think you will definitely find some pieces that interest you.

If you’re in the Oakland area and you find this artwork interesting, I highly recommend that you stop by Creative Growth Art Center. Creative Growth is a bit different in that the artists don’t actually reside there, but Creative Growth has a fantastic workspace for them to get engaged, experiment, and create art. You also get a lot of opportunities to meet with the artists.

The Living Museum is at 921 S. Beacon Street, San Pedro, CA, and their phone number is 310-547-3341 Extension 3154, and they are open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Jennifer, thanks for the email about the Living Museum. I’ll try to stop by next time I head down to SoCal.