Daily Archives: 3/21/2004


I’ll be at SpeechTEK Spring across the bay in San Francisco Tuesday through Friday. Leave a comment or email me at robert AT wombatnation DOT com if you’ll be there, too, and would like to meet up. I won’t be manning the Avaya booth, but I’ll definitely stop by there while the Expo is open.

I plan to blog parts of the conference, though I don’t whether I’ll try to do it live or via tape delay.

Super Automatics

How It Works: Be Your Own Barista, With a Programmable Helper – [Free registration required]

One of my favorite electronic devices at home is my Capresso C2000, which my wife purchased for me several years ago from Whole Latte Love. Capresso was discontinuing the C2000 model, so Whole Latte Love had a closeout sale on it. Though $750 may seem like a lot for a coffee machine, it was originally priced closer to $1,500. I’ve used it to make on average two strong, absolutely delicious cups of coffee nearly every day since it showed up on my doorstep in a box the size of a typical San Francisco apartment.

I still buy an occasional cappuccino or cafe latte from Peet’s or from a small coffee house when I’m far from home and in need of a fix, but I’ve cut way back on my coffee drink budget. Of course, the Fair Trade certified, organic, Sumatran coffee beans I buy aren’t exactly cheap, so I have no idea if I have saved any money. But having access to great coffee in roughly a minute after rolling out of bed is totally worth it.

Success BBQ

I’m sure Success BBQ sounded like a good name for a restaurant when they opened the place. The barbed wire fence now surrounding the entire building suggests otherwise.

Success BBQ

I took this photo with the camera on my Treo 600 while my wife was driving down the street. I’ve gotten a bit better at extracting acceptable photos from the camera. After adjusting the contrast and cropping the photo a bit, I scaled it down to about 400 pixels wide. The images start at 640×480. Scaling the photos from the Treo camera down in size using a good image manipulation program (like the GIMP) is almost always a good idea.