Daily Archives: 7/22/2003

Gallery 1.3.4 Instructions

I updated my install of Gallery to 1.3.4 last night. After a much too difficult upgrade, I finally got my photo gallery back online. I still think Gallery is a very nice online photo gallery program, I just wish it was a little easier to install.

When I installed Gallery 1.3.3 the first time, it was also a bit of a struggle. I carefully wrote down notes on each step of the install, and then cleaned them up after I figured out what worked and what didn’t. After posting a link to these notes on the DreamHost customer support forums, my site started getting a lot of hits on that file, even though I didn’t link to it from any other page on my site. If you end up on this page because you are trying to troubleshoot a Gallery install, definitely check out my notes. They are specific to an install on a shared server hosted by DreamHost, but you still might find them useful. I’ve updated them for a 1.3.4 install.