Daily Archives: 1/9/2003

Welcome to PhoneBlogger

Well, enough fooling around with development and alpha code. I now have a version of PhoneBlogger that is in good enough shape to demonstrate. Click on the “recorded message” link in my post before this one to hear it in action.

PhoneBlogger is an automated voice application. After asking you for info about which pre-configured blog you wish to post to, it records your audio message. Finally, it posts a blog entry that links to the recorded audio.

Moblogging, or mobile blogging, is a hot topic right now. While PhoneBlogger isn’t as fancy as tools that let you post pictures from your camera phone to your weblog with text via email, it requires nothing more than an ordinary phone connection. A journalist could use it from a payphone (good luck finding one, though) or with a basic cellphone to immediately publish to the web from the scene of an unexpected event in progress. It’s moblogging for the people, man. However, I would still love to have a camera phone set up to use Joi Ito’s mail2entry Python script.

I have another webpage I am working on that will have more info about PhoneBlogger, in case you want to know more about it. I’m also planning to put the code up on a SourceForge project. For now, please email me at robert AT wombatnation DOT com to get a copy of the code.