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7/9/2002: 11:45 pm: SoccerPhone

I ran out of time before last week’s vacation and never uploaded the new files for SoccerPhone. Consider it done. I even sort of tested it.

: 10:31 pm: The Unusual and the Weird

Ever wonder what part of the chicken (or cow) chicken nuggets come from? Makes me want to read Fast Food Nation.

: 12:24 am: Soccer

I finally got around to reading Fever Pitch during the World Cup, finishing it up just last week. Thanks to my wife’s copy of The Omnibus, I have continued on with High Fidelity and will later read About a Boy. The Omnibus is published by Indigo in Great Britain. We luckily found a copy at Pendragon Books in Oakland.

Fever Pitch is a very humorous telling of Hornby’s life mostly in terms of Arsenal matches. Okay, sure, Cambridge United and a few other teams take the lead position for a few of the chapters, but the heart of the story is Hornby’s passion for Arsenal. Highly recommended.

Update: Since writing this, I’ve blogged a review of the movie version of Fever Pitch as released on DVD.

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