Daily Archives: 6/29/2002

SoccerPhone Now Says Day of Week

I finally fixed the problem I caused at some point in the past. For some time now, SoccerPhone got an error when it couldn’t retrieve the scores from the MLS website. The problem was that I needed to set a variable at the VXML Document level scope, not at a block level scope. I didn’t catch this breakage when I rearranged some of the code.

Like the Day of the Week enhancement, I won’t deploy this change until after the weekend games.

SoccerPhone Bug Fix For When MLS Website Unavailable

This wasn’t such a big deal at the beginning of the season when virtually every game was played on a Saturday. However, recent weeks have included a lot of Wednesday games, and there have also been some Sunday games. So, to make it easier for you, my valued non-paying patron, to keep track of when games are being played or were played during the week, SoccerPhone will now say the day of the week before each series of games on a single day.

Okay, calm down. I know that life was barely worth living without this feature. I can only apologize for not providing you with such a life changing event at an earlier date.

Even though I tested this enhancement extensively, it is nearly 1:30 am. The last time I made changes this late at night, I made a dumb mistake. Out of fear of breaking SoccerPhone on the day of a lot of games, I will wait until Sunday to publish this enhancement to my TellMe Extension.