Daily Archives: 6/5/2002

BBC gets at least 75% of the story correct

BBC: “The United States served up one of the World Cup’s great upsets, as they out-fought Group D favourites Portugal to record a superb victory in Suwon.”

I can’t believe how many mistakes are in this BBC report. Basic things like saying the cross on the third goal was from Stewart when it was from Sanneh. ” An excellent cross from Stewart drifted over Baia and unmarked McBride headed in the United States’ third…” This mistake is compounded by the later quote from McBride where he talks about the cross that came from Sanneh.

Also, their transcription of the quote from McBride is comically inaccurate, although I have seen the same error in other stories, too.

From their story: “McBride’s header ultimately proved the winner, and afterwards he hailed the old college routine that created it.” and “The ball got wide to Tony (Sanneh) and we played a Milwaukee Rampage right out of college.

McBride actually said something more like “we played for the Milwaukee Rampage right out of college.” The Milwaukee Rampage is a second division pro soccer team in the US. McBride and Sanneh played for Milwaukee before Major League Soccer came into existence in 1996 as a first division league.

While I don’t expect a BBC reporter to be familiar with second division soccer teams in the US, I also don’t expect such sloppy reporting and non-existent fact checking.

US Defeats Portugal 3-2 in World Cup Group Play

I had a dream earlier this week that the US scored three goals against Portugal. But in the first 37 minutes? Not even my dream was that good. Of course, waking up for a 2 am Pacific time start made me wonder if I really were awake. Any sleepiness was thrown off quickly, though, when John O’Brien put the US into the lead in the 4th minute. As the US piled on the goals it was obvious I was going to be wide awake for quite some time. This was an incredible accomplishment for the US team.

Donovan and Beasley gave the Portugal defenders fits with their slashing runs on the wing and into the box. It’s amazing to think that those two won’t reach their peak for two more World Cups – 8 years from now! It’s almost guaranteed that Bayer Leverkusen will recall Donovan to Germany at the end of the MLS season. The only question is which team will win the Beaz sweepstakes. I think he could have even more of an impact than Mathis. I would love to see them all back in MLS next year, but they will develop even faster playing in Europe and it will be a great experience for them.

It was sweet to see McBride have such a great game. While so many other players get most of the press, his physical presence in the box and in the air greatly increase our possession in the opponent’s end of the field. This is probably his last Cup and I was glad to see him have a much better experience than in 1998.

No one can really replace Claudio Reyna in midfield, but John O’Brien did as good a job as anyone. His quick reaction and well-placed shot clinched that first goal and he also did a great job of holding the ball in midfield and composing our attacks. Earnie Stewart also was big in midfield during the first half. His corner kick onto McBride’s head made that first goal possible.

Other than the own goal, which fortunately had no serious consequences in this game, Jeff Agoos had a very good outing. Time after time, he kept the defense in form and cleared dangerous balls. Eddie Pope also had an outstanding game in center defense.

Sanneh played defense as well as I have ever seen him play. I was stunned to see him block out and stand up Figo time after time and force him to play the ball back out away from our goal. And his cross to McBride’s head was also a beautifully struck ball.

Hejduk’s passing left a lot to be desired, but his speed and tenaciousness made up for a lot and really kept the Portuguese from creating too many dangerous plays from the right side.

Friedel didn’t have to have an incredible game, as the Portuguese shooting was definitely off. But, he made all the saves that he could possibly make, as he really had no chance on Bento’s shot after O’Brien failed to clear a ball in the box and on Agoos’s unfortunate own goal.